Cell Culture

Cell culture is a standard process in many markets

Cell culture is a process used both in research and industrial production across numerous markets. Cells are cultured for different goals, e.g. to generate high volumes of recombinant biomolecules or to achieve enough cells for scientific experimentation with good statistical support.

In Cell Therapies, cells are the end product, not an intermediate stage

In the Cell Therapies market, cells are the end product. They have to be the highest quality, stable, viable,with no unexpected features and produced according to GMP requirements. After culturing, the cells will be given as treatment to a patient.

Spiber develops surfaces for the Cell Therapies market

Spiber Technologies aims to develop a surface for culturing cells for Cell Therapies applications. We work on optimizing conditions for culturing stem cells, progenitor cells, pancreatic islet of Langerhans and beta cells, as well as other cell types.