Multiple formats

After expression and purification, mini-spidroins are soluble proteins in buffer, in much the same way as milk proteins appear in milk. Starting with this 'liquid' form, silk proteins can be shaped into several formats:


What we spontaneously think of when we think of spider silk. Bundling several silk threads together makes a tough fiber in a range of shapes.



A format that is easiest to produce. A drop of liquid containing Spiber™ protein is put on the surface of plastic or glass lab- ware to solidify as a transparent layer. The resulting film can be peeled off as a coherent sheet.



Just like milk, a solution with Spiber™ can be whipped to make a fluffy foam. This foam remains solid even when immersed in solvents or sterilized by autoclave treatment.



Chopping the fibers creates a mesh with customized lengths of fiber.