Recombinant Spiber™silk

Mini-spidroin - a building block in the first man-made spider silk

To produce spider silk protein recombinantly, we selected only a portion of the gene sequence that spiders use to make spidroins. We call this the mini-spidroin. The selected gene sequence was then cloned into E. coli bacteria.

Scaling-up production is the next step

Optimized culture and purification conditions have resulted in a reproducible process. We are now working further on enhancing the quality of the final product and increasing yield.

Custom-made biomaterial for every application

With several years of designing Spiber™ plus good control of its production, we know how to adjust the Spiber™ format and function for any application in our focus areas:

  • Format: We can produce Spiber™ in the following formats; fiber, film, foam and mesh
  • Function: We can add a function by attaching a protein domain and/or an active molecule or a molecular motif to Spiber™