Spiber™ biomaterial

Spiber™ - recombinant spider silk protein: The genetic construct of mini-spidroins, the possibility to modify and functionalize these proteins, as well as recombinant production and fiber formation are all part of this technology.

SolvNT - enhancing protein solubility: A spider 'knows' how to preserve the solubility of a protein with a high tendency to form solid fibers. Spiber Technologies knows how the spiders do it. The same approach as spiders use can be applied to other proteins that are prone to aggregate.

SolvNT - for solubility enhancement

Spiber Technologies proprietary SolvNT technology is developed for recombinant production of protein drugs and drug targets. The unsurpassed properties of nature's own protein solubility tag - the spidroin N-Terminal domain - are harnessed by joining it to target proteins. The SolvNT technology enables production of extremely difficult to produce target proteins, such as membrane proteins.